Rope access real benefits are seen when the ongoing costs of access to working areas are disproportionate to the amount of work to be done. Unlike traditional methods, rope access can be designed to fit on various applications.

Rope access is a method to access to the working area, using ropes, climbing and cav­­­ing techniques. This method allows a wide variety of works, from great height but also in locations with difficult access without involving lifting scaffolding or using other types of equipment / heavy machinery. Rope access was developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, therefore rope access has become an important cost effective and statistically - safer to install and operate than most alternative access methods.

Rope access can completely change the work:
- Reducing costs by eliminating the costs of scaffolding mounting and dismantling;
- Does not block access routes by building scaffolding;
- Quick installation and removal of systems to access the working area;
- Maximum safety of workers using protective equipment certification;
- Substantially reducing the duration of preparation and execution;
- Practical and safe solutions to solve problems, regardless of height and access conditions.

Rope access work is really safe; a team of minimum three technicians is required for any job to enable mutual surveillance and safety. All the workers work from two ropes, one working rope and another safety rope with a back-up device, and the technician is permanently attached to both ropes.

  • Civil Constructions


    • painting
    • blasting - high pressure cleaning
    • sealant replacement
    • exterior coatings
    • scraping plaster unstable
    • rain water system installation
    • exterior insulation - complete thermal systems

  • Industrial Constructions

    industrial constructions

    • paint spraying – AIRLESS technology
    • painting tanks, silos, chimneys, pipes, steel structures
    • chimneys demolition
    • welding in hard to reach places
    • water or sand blasting
    • lightning protection

  • Churches


    • exterior plaster
    • exterior painting
    • blasting - high pressure cleaning
    • anticorrosion protection
    • treatment for wood roof
    • treatment exterior stone walls
    • other painting jobs: ornaments, crosses, watches, windows

  • Advertising


    • interventions on advertising panels
    • lifting billboards
    • signs and banner installation
    • installation of Christmas decorations

  • Wind energy

    Wind energy

    • anemometers and cables assembling
    • lightning protection system check and repair
    • maintenance of wind turbines:
       - cleaning and repairing blades
       - video, photo and ultrasound inspections
       - painting

  • Other Works

    Other Type Of Works

    • lifting equipment and facilities
    • painting telecommunications masts
    • glass and windows cleaning
    • cutting trees

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