Acces Group Alpin Company provides rope access services since 2006 and now has good experience in the best techniques to use. We had projects regarding civil constructions and industrial sites. The headquarters is in Oradea, Bihor county, Romania, but we can travel throughout Romania as well as all over the world to meet customer requirements. We operate a Quality Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001:2000.

Acces Group Alpin is a company that performs rope access and services with a high degree of difficulty. Our services are conducted using specific rope technique to access difficult places. Using these techniques does not involve lifting scaffolding to carry out works. Teams of rope access technicians can do tasks in a few hours, while normally and using traditional techniques would require a longer period oftime.

All works are executed in accordance with the rules on work safety. We used to perform these types of jobs/trainings with rope access technicians with certification recognized by International Associations. Safety equipment used for the work is provided by authorized producers. This equipment is checked regularly for the maximum protection of workers.

Our goal is to constantly expand our number of customers by providing quality services in all areas that can successfully use rope access techniques.

6  reasons to choose Acces Group Alpin Company as your partner:
1 – We supply highest standard in rope access work;
2 – Our technicians have good skills and competences in rope access work;
3 – Our Rope Access capabilities provide intelligent solutions to technically challenging projects;
4 – Our knowledge and working experience saves your time and money while getting the job done and keeping everyone safe.
5 – We invest in the newest equipments and working tools;
6 – We offer analyze for your problem and help you choose the right product for the job;

Phone: +40.744.536.147  (English)
+40.744.536.145 (English, Hungarian)
Fax: +40.359.811.560

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