Airless Painting

Vopsitorii airlessPainting airless - airless spraying of chemicals which makes a protective layer. Due to the high pressure, spray material is pushed into the gun nozzles, atomization occurs and paint particles are deposited on the track to cover and form a protective film, uniform and adherent. Advantages of airless spray: - High productivity;
- Working speed;
- Quality;
- Fine spray;
- Working with a little mist of paint;
- Covered surface smooth;

Vopsitorii airless

Applicable material:

It is the best pump for painting works, especially in large areas. Our company uses Wagner airless pump, world leader in producing such pumps. Since 2006, we have had Wagner superfinish 31 spraypack, power supplies with two workstations. Rated capacity is approximately 1000 sqm / workstation / day.

Super Finish 31
Specifications SuperFinish 31

Nozzle size up to 0,031''
Motor power 1,7kW
Power Suuply 230V / 50Hz
Weight 43 kg
Maximum flow 3,2 l/min
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